Bad Day


"Bad Day" is a short comedy that revolves around a violinist, her violin, and a sandwich.

After the violinist sits down for a break on a public park bench, she is faced with comedic misfortune as different passersby keep on taking one or the other of the two objects.

In the end, it's music that brings people together and opens their hearts, making the listeners more kind, humane, and tolerant.

"Bad Day" is dedicated to musicians, particularly classical, who through their hard work and perseverance produce divine melodies.

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Making Bad Day

"Bad Day" was the first film I produced and while it was both a new and exciting experience it made me grow in more ways than I realized at the time.

The first lesson I learned: life is not a smooth road. We went through so many problems from trying to find actors by patrolling the college grounds looking like FBI agents to postponing production for three hours due to heavy showers.

Second lesson: never place a child or pet in a movie. Unfortunately, we had both and throughout the filming we were constantly chasing the dog or pleading to the child to do as instructed.

Third lesson: backup, backup, backup! Our hard drive crashed two days before we would have finished editing and we hadn’t backed up the files. Everything was lost.

And last of all: no matter the obstacles, keep climbing. When the hard drive crashed, I decided to refilm the movie instead of giving up. Not only did the movie turn out better the second time but I also matured as a person through my failures.

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