The Theater


The scene starts with a student rehearsing on the stage struggling to improve his performance; he is reciting Hamlet's soliloquy.

Disappointed with the result, he leaves to take a break.

Thereafter, various people including an old lady, cheerleader, cleaning lady, and retired professor all of different ages and with diverse interests enter the stage.

Each person reacts differently towards Shakespeare's philosophy and at the end, it’s the viewer who makes the decision of where he stands.

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Making The Theater

I shot “The Theater” over the summer at my school and like always the project brought new experiences, problems, laughter and anger.

It was the first time I worked with sound and now I understand the practical reason Directors yell “Quiet on the set” aside from looking cool.

Editing was especially hard to complete. During long summer days, I sat locked up in my room meticulously matching up sentences and keeping voice frequency level steady while cursing the conditioner for blasting out cold air so loudly in the shots.

I wanted to put a theatrical aspect into “The Theater” so it was both a combination of movie and theater. This allowed me to be more flexible during filming as it didn’t have to look completely natural; especially during the speech at the beginning and the climax at the end.

Dave Watterson, director of British International Film Competition, praised The Theater as “a shining gem” and “the concept is sheer brilliance” referring to the idea of taking various people of all ages and backgrounds to respond to the most famous soliloquy (Hamlet/Shakespeare) written more than 400 years ago.