Upcoming Projects

I have a few upcoming projects listed below. If anyone is interested with working with me, please email me with your resume, headshot, and the role.


Once an aesthete always an aesthete. A story about the last dying moments of an aesthete.

Characters/Crew needed:

Aesthete: male, ages of 30-40, aristocratic facial features.

Special effects artist

"Trial of Hunchback"

A hunchback is being tried in a 17th century courtroom. Everyone is convinced he is guilty and holds no sympathy towards him, but the lawyer soon cleverly convinces the jury and spectators to understand and see the world through the eyes of the hunchback.

Characters/Crew needed:

Hunchback: male, ages of 30-50, rich and expressive facial expressions

Lawyer: male, ages 25-50

Judge: male, ages 50+

Special effects artist.